Valve Wizard is a specifically designed and patented valve spring compressor tool that fits air-cooled aircraft engine cylinder heads, allowing mechanics the use of both hands to work on springs, keepers, stems and guides, whether parallel or angle valves. Injection-moulded, high-impact composites with steel inserts and compressors, the Valve Wizard attaches quickly and dramatically reduces valve maintenance time.

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  • Saves hours of maintenance time per engine
  • Leaves both hands free, unlike pry-bar tools
  • wide, unobstructed access to the springs, keepers and stems
  • Exact fit for most Lycoming and Continental parallel- and angle-valve engines
  • Pays for itself on first engine overhaul
  • Simple to use. Even a caveman can use Valve Wizard
  • Developed by Certified aircraft maintenance engineer Jolly Higdon
  • Attaches directly to the cylinder on the engine.
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